I'm Munir Aljawahari, a programmer/designer/mechanical engineering student at the University of Ottawa🏛️

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About me 👨‍🔧

I'm currently performing UI/UX research through the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program through uOttawa and seeking an internship for next summer💼

You can find all my code on my Github⚙️, my work experience on my Resume📝 and LinkedIn🤝, and can contact me through my Email 📧

Below is a collection of my favourite work that I have done so far📦

A simple yet addictive mobile game built with libGDX and Java.

You can check it out on Google PlayStore and Github

After several years of using the original logo, I decided it was time to redesign the brand of the association.

I wrote a Behance article about my journey behind creating the logo.