About Me

I’m a student software engineer and designer who loves photography, working out, and how to use technology to change lives. I learned many concepts of programming and design on my own and through practice, and have had the opportunity to use my skills at Health Canada and Qlik.

“Finding ways to mix programming with art and design is my passion”

As a kid I tried to find any way to use basic Photoshop in my school projects. Eventually I was using After Effects to create movies for the class. Programming however is where I was able to create something dynamic while still using my love for art and design.

I enrolled in the University of Ottawa for Mechanical Engineering and Computing Technology in 2017. During my free time between studying I joined several student clubs where I was able to design brands and websites to make my campus look more beautiful while making a bunch of lifelong friends and relationships along the way. It helped me develop my positive leadership skills that I take with me into the work environment and other aspects of my life.

Interested in my work or background? Send me an email or shoot me a message on linkedin.


Here are some of my favorite photos from my last travel